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20:00  Trump finds a sympathetic crowd in New York’s Harlem neighbourhood (www.ft.com)
20:00  Sports investor Arctos to focus on US deals after raising $4.1bn fund (www.ft.com)
19:00  Labour explores stopping ‘raids’ on UK overseas aid budget (www.ft.com)
19:00  Investors raise bets on euro falling to parity with dollar (www.ft.com)
19:00  US seeks alliance with Abu Dhabi on artificial intelligence (www.ft.com)
18:10  Rich nations pledge $11bn to World Bank for climate and global crises (www.ft.com)
18:00  Balkan clouds over EU enlargement (www.ft.com)
16:51  Scottish Greens to vote on power-sharing deal with SNP (www.ft.com)
16:39  Relief pervades Tehran after limited Israeli strike (www.ft.com)
12:00  Eleanor Coppola, filmmaker and writer, 1936-2024 (www.ft.com)
15:34  Parisians struggle to cash in on Olympic Games rentals (www.ft.com)
12:00  Inside the Arctic Circle’s thriving dinner party scene (www.ft.com)
12:00  Vivienne Westwood’s personal wardrobe to go under auction at Christie’s (www.ft.com)
04-18  Six films to watch this week (www.ft.com)
12:00  OJ Simpson and the paradox of American power (www.ft.com)
12:00  Kant and the case for peace (www.ft.com)
12:00  Default — the fight over Argentina’s $100bn debt crisis (www.ft.com)
12:00  Fears grow for British Steel’s rescue deal (www.ft.com)
12:00  Fewer ‘golden visas’ will not dim millionaire demand for bolt-holes (www.ft.com)
12:00  Farewell to stock exchanges — fire is not their only enemy (www.ft.com)
12:00  India braced for heatwaves as nearly 1bn head for marathon summer elections (www.ft.com)
12:00  A personal history of America’s historian-in-chief (www.ft.com)
12:00  Dorset Tories tell Sunak’s MPs to ‘stay away’ in local election battle (www.ft.com)
12:00  Rishi Sunak expected to unveil new UK warship programme (www.ft.com)
12:00  Artist Issam Kourbaj will not forget his homeland (www.ft.com)
11:03  VW workers in Tennessee vote to join union in win for US labour movement (www.ft.com)
11:00  Asia’s central bankers struggle to contain strong US dollar (www.ft.com)
07:00  Slash tax on profits from Russia’s frozen assets, US urges allies (www.ft.com)
05:20  Nvidia drops 10% as investors see risk in Big Tech shares (www.ft.com)
05:02  Trump’s $175mn bond should be invalidated, New York attorney-general says (www.ft.com)
03:00  Investor nerves tested as market themes unravel (www.ft.com)
04-19  How to harness the power of colour in your home (www.ft.com)
04-19  Why are fake plants suddenly everywhere? (www.ft.com)
04-19  Venice Biennale 2024 is a rapturous celebration of unfamiliar global artists (www.ft.com)
04-14  The half-forgotten art of listening (www.ft.com)
04:00  Jeremy Hunt targets further 2p cut in national insurance (www.ft.com)
03:39  Democrats back Republican Speaker’s plan to advance US aid to Ukraine (www.ft.com)
04-19  Tyler Cowen: Why we will learn to love AI (www.ft.com)
02:43  Military briefing: the Israeli missiles used to strike Iran (www.ft.com)
01:54  Is the global economy stumbling into ‘the tepid Twenties’? (www.ft.com)
01:54  Netanyahu’s Iran gambit leaves chance of avoiding all-out war (www.ft.com)
01:47  Xi Jinping tightens grip on China’s military with new information warfare unit (www.ft.com)
01:36  Biden’s containment migraine (www.ft.com)
01:20  Hong Kong regulator set to launch new probe into PwC Evergrande audits (www.ft.com)
01:15  ‘Reality check’ for the green transition (www.ft.com)
00:50  Ken Griffin’s trading firm blasts Trump Media boss as ‘loser’ (www.ft.com)
00:22  Jane Street loses bid for restraining order against Millennium (www.ft.com)
00:18  Unease about Iran is bringing Arab states closer together (www.ft.com)
04-19  Markets are a frog in boiling water on Iran-Israel (www.ft.com)
04-19  UK inflation could stay near 2% target for three years, says BoE rate-setter (www.ft.com)
04-19  UK watchdog sends fresh warning to water utilities over dividends (www.ft.com)
04-19  Employment law is a minefield for companies and workers (www.ft.com)
04-19  Georgians rally against ‘foreign influence’ law they say is modelled on Putin regime (www.ft.com)
04-19  The radical repricing of US interest rates (www.ft.com)
04-19  EY’s Wirecard audits marred by ‘repeated grave’ violations of duties, says watchdog (www.ft.com)
04-19  Prime ministers’ legacies: Sunak, Truss and Brown (www.ft.com)
04-19  Subsidy race with US and China would harm Europe’s ailing economy, IMF warns (www.ft.com)
04-19  Need to Know: Brace for a summer of ticket scams (www.ft.com)
04-19  Oil price trades lower despite Israeli strikes on Iran (www.ft.com)
04-19  A contrarian take on the US inflation freakout (www.ft.com)
04-19  Israel and Iran pull back from the brink (www.ft.com)
04-19  Fintech finally starts to add up for investors (www.ft.com)
04-19  Dr Martens’ Ije Nwokorie: would-be saviour of bootmaker’s IPO promise (www.ft.com)
04-19  Mistral in talks to raise €500mn at €5bn valuation (www.ft.com)
04-19  Boris Johnson breached rules by not disclosing links with hedge fund (www.ft.com)
04-19  Ex-prime ministers are measured against those who come before or after them (www.ft.com)
04-19  Schneider Electric confirms talks with Bentley Systems (www.ft.com)
04-19  Taylor Swift: The Tortured Poets Department — heartbreak inspires anguish, anger and a career highlight (www.ft.com)
04-19  British retail sales stagnate as shoppers cut back on groceries (www.ft.com)
04-19  Apple removes WhatsApp and Threads from China store under pressure from Beijing (www.ft.com)
04-19  Developing country DMOs driving blind (www.ft.com)
04-19  Luxury automakers hit by South Korea’s neon green licence plates for company cars (www.ft.com)
04-19  Regime change is here (www.ft.com)
04-19  JPMorgan warns of need for ‘reality check’ on phasing out of fossil fuels (www.ft.com)
04-19  FirstFT: Iran activates air defence systems after reports of explosion (www.ft.com)
04-19  How EU leaders fudged a compromise on integration of capital markets (www.ft.com)
04-19  Woodside Energy chief defends climate plan ahead of shareholder vote (www.ft.com)
04-19  Big business bets on Modi (www.ft.com)
04-19  House prices in London hit by high property costs and post-Covid trends (www.ft.com)
04-19  UK remains hard to reach for newest EU-domiciled ETF issuers (www.ft.com)
04-19  The struggle to choose the right mortgage (www.ft.com)
04-19  European carbon trading catching less than quarter of airline emissions, data finds (www.ft.com)
04-19  Abolishing IHT tax reliefs could raise £3bn, IFS finds (www.ft.com)
04-19  US aid delays leave Ukrainians at low ebb (www.ft.com)
04-19  Hedge fund pushes for power firm to be excluded from Ukraine debt deal (www.ft.com)
04-19  Why historic buildings keep catching fire during renovations (www.ft.com)
04-19  Why are American roads so dangerous? (www.ft.com)
04-19  The economics of running (www.ft.com)
04-19  The ‘brain waste’ of skilled migrants in Europe (www.ft.com)
04-19  Iran activates air defence systems after reports of explosion (www.ft.com)
04-19  Will Rishi Sunak be crushed by the May 2 local elections? (www.ft.com)
04-19  India election: Narendra Modi seeks to secure third term in power (www.ft.com)
04-19  Sony and Apollo discuss teaming up to bid for Paramount Global (www.ft.com)
04-19  Google streamlines structure to speed up AI efforts (www.ft.com)
04-19  Extra 85,000 childcare places needed in England to meet government target (www.ft.com)
04-19  Sunak launches crackdown on Britain’s ‘sick note’ culture (www.ft.com)
04-19  Quarter of UK children aged 5-7 own smartphones, regulator finds (www.ft.com)
04-19  Columbia University calls in police to break up pro-Palestinian protest (www.ft.com)
04-19  S&P 500 and Nasdaq post fifth session loss in a row (www.ft.com)
04-19  Are House Republicans finally willing to approve $60bn for Ukraine? (www.ft.com)
04-19  Netflix profits surge after password-sharing crackdown (www.ft.com)
04-19  US will vote against move to give Palestinians UN membership (www.ft.com)
04-19  Thames Water lenders face losses of up to 40% in event of nationalisation (www.ft.com)
04-19  EU offers to strike youth mobility deal with UK (www.ft.com)
04-19  Nicola Sturgeon’s husband rearrested in SNP finance probe (www.ft.com)
04-19  LVMH accounts for bigger share of French exports than agricultural sector (www.ft.com)
04-19  Ukraine’s desperate need for air defences (www.ft.com)
04-19  UK will not ‘turn on’ post-Brexit checks of EU goods for fear of border delays (www.ft.com)
04-19  CVC expresses interest in EY’s Italian consulting arm (www.ft.com)
04-19  Hedge fund Brevan Howard cuts 10% of staff amid poor performance (www.ft.com)
04-19  Iran crisis risks easing pressure on Israel over Gaza, diplomats warn (www.ft.com)
04-19  Poland arrests man suspected of aiding Russia in plot to kill Volodymyr Zelenskyy (www.ft.com)
04-19  Question of AI pay-off hangs over Big Tech earnings (www.ft.com)
04-19  Companies must rethink how they handle cyber risk (www.ft.com)
04-19  An election manifesto for the NHS — and a healthy economy (www.ft.com)
04-19  Donald Trump trial loses two jurors as selection process hits new snags (www.ft.com)
04-19  Private equity gears up for potential National Football League investments (www.ft.com)
04-19  A glimpse of the Brexit debate of the future (www.ft.com)
04-19  Meta unveils less ‘sanctimonious’ AI model as tech rivalry heats up (www.ft.com)
04-18  Scotland ditches 2030 climate target as being ‘out of reach’ (www.ft.com)
04-18  IMF warns of long-lasting economic impact of Gaza war on Middle East (www.ft.com)
04-18  PwC to reverse controversial US tax split (www.ft.com)
04-18  Ukraine cannot fight evil with empty hands (www.ft.com)
04-18  Amundi heads west in bid to be Europe’s BlackRock (www.ft.com)
04-18  Iran warns it could review nuclear stance if Israel threatens atomic sites (www.ft.com)
04-18  The AI race is generating a dual reality (www.ft.com)
04-17  Private credit is even larger than you think (www.ft.com)
04-18  Cocoa hits record high as global shortage worsens in first quarter (www.ft.com)
04-18  UK car insurance prices fall for first time in two years (www.ft.com)
04-18  EasyJet targets another bumper summer of record profits (www.ft.com)
04-18  Dubai airport continues to struggle amid travel chaos after the storm (www.ft.com)
04-18  UK proposes crackdown on foreign security risks to university sector (www.ft.com)
04-18  Liz Truss: ‘I don’t believe in guardrails’ (www.ft.com)
04-18  Austria’s Raiffeisen expects ECB to order acceleration of its Russia exit (www.ft.com)
04-18  TSMC plans to charge customers more for chips made outside Taiwan (www.ft.com)
04-18  Blackstone warns that private equity cannot return capital ‘overnight’ (www.ft.com)
04-18  Hedge fund Citadel to expand its London office space with tower move (www.ft.com)
04-18  Why oil prices remain steady even as Middle East tensions escalate (www.ft.com)
04-18  Ex-Post Office chair accused of using ‘offensive’ term about job candidate (www.ft.com)
04-18  German police arrest suspected Russian spies over bombing plan (www.ft.com)
04-18  Two senior women leave BP in first major shake-up since Looney’s exit (www.ft.com)
04-18  Tory donor behind Sunak private jet flight hit by £14mn asset freeze (www.ft.com)
04-18  Germany’s doomed China strategy (www.ft.com)
04-18  Millions of workers are caught in a ‘non-compete’ trap (www.ft.com)
04-18  Panama’s boom years fade as election looms (www.ft.com)
04-18  Live Nation deserves to face the antitrust music (www.ft.com)
04-18  How a union for 60,000 steel workers became a force in US politics (www.ft.com)
04-18  My career race is in the home stretch, here’s what I know (www.ft.com)
04-18  Qatar reconsiders mediator role between Hamas and Israel (www.ft.com)
04-18  Sunak’s smoking ban will outlast him even if implementation struggles (www.ft.com)
04-18  US, Japan and South Korea seek to limit dollar’s rise (www.ft.com)
04-18  Tory MP Mark Menzies loses whip over alleged misuse of funds (www.ft.com)
04-18  Hipgnosis agrees $1.4bn sale to Concord Chorus (www.ft.com)
04-18  Blurred [sovereign debt restructuring] lines (www.ft.com)
04-18  Why grim geopolitics kept EU leaders busy over dinner (www.ft.com)
04-18  AI’s electricity problem (www.ft.com)
04-18  Crypto miners hoard bitcoin as supply cut looms (www.ft.com)
04-18  WeWork races to raise cash as Neumann offers to outbid rivals (www.ft.com)
04-18  How Sweden’s stock market became the envy of Europe (www.ft.com)
04-18  Iran raises the stakes with attack on Israel (www.ft.com)
04-18  The great bet on rate cuts is off (www.ft.com)
04-18  Five books to understand India today (www.ft.com)
04-18  Gove vows to reduce ground rents to ‘peppercorn’ levels over time (www.ft.com)
04-18  The freshest new tailors in London (www.ft.com)
04-18  Record ocean warming adds to dangers for native fish species, environment chief warns (www.ft.com)
04-18  Hotspots turn not-spots as the rural housing market cools (www.ft.com)
04-18  Iran oil exports hit 6-year high as west prepares sanctions (www.ft.com)
04-18  Majority of EU states object to capital markets reform push (www.ft.com)
04-18  Spanish drought pits tourists against locals in contest for water (www.ft.com)
04-18  Foreign investor in Ukraine accuses officials of corruption (www.ft.com)
04-18  Thames Water could benefit from a spell of public ownership (www.ft.com)
04-18  West must engage with dictatorships in Sahel, says Blair (www.ft.com)
04-18  The dollar would survive Trump turning currency warrior (www.ft.com)
04-18  The Baltic balancing act over the threat from Russia (www.ft.com)
04-18  China’s ‘red circle’ law firms rush to tap other markets (www.ft.com)
04-18  China is moving towards full monetary independence (www.ft.com)
04-18  Hunt says Thames Water must ‘sort out’ its own issues (www.ft.com)
04-18  Brexit has ‘exacerbated’ UK drug shortages, research finds (www.ft.com)
04-18  London Tide, National Theatre — Dickens turned into restless river drama with music by PJ Harvey (www.ft.com)
04-18  US stocks notch first 4-day losing streak since start of January (www.ft.com)
04-18  Lagarde says US plan to raise debt against Russian assets carries legal risk (www.ft.com)
04-18  Wood takes Ark ETFs to Europe as US investors jump ship (www.ft.com)
04-18  FirstFT: Effort to crack down on TikTok gains steam in US Congress (www.ft.com)
04-18  Effort to crack down on TikTok gains momentum in US Congress (www.ft.com)
04-18  US reimposes oil sanctions on Venezuela after broken election promises (www.ft.com)
04-18  Schnabel says ECB could benefit from Fed-style ‘dot plot’ (www.ft.com)
04-18  OpenAI’s model all but matches doctors in assessing eye problems (www.ft.com)
04-18  Boeing engineer says safety concerns are ignored inside plane maker (www.ft.com)
04-18  NBA player gets lifetime ban for gambling on basketball games (www.ft.com)
04-18  MPs overturn changes to Sunak’s Rwanda bill (www.ft.com)
04-18  IMF warns fiscal deficits could dent global economy (www.ft.com)
04-18  High-speed firm Jane Street raked in trading revenue at start of 2024 (www.ft.com)
04-18  US House heads for vote on Ukraine and Israel aid in bid to end impasse (www.ft.com)
04-18  The myth of victimless tax rises (www.ft.com)
04-17  UK trade union law breaches workers’ rights, Supreme Court finds (www.ft.com)
04-17  UK inflation data fuels doubts over early Bank of England rate cut (www.ft.com)
04-17  Israeli public split on how to respond to Iran strike (www.ft.com)
04-17  Germany urges dozen of allies to send air defence systems to Ukraine (www.ft.com)
04-17  Israel to retaliate against Iran, warns Cameron (www.ft.com)
04-17  Eli Lilly weight-loss drug found to address sleep apnoea in trial (www.ft.com)
04-17  US deficit poses ‘significant risks’ to global economy, warns IMF (www.ft.com)
04-17  Dubai battles flood waters as historic storm causes chaos (www.ft.com)
04-17  Post Office chief executive ‘exonerated’ of misconduct after review (www.ft.com)
04-17  Salman Rushdie’s fearless memoir Knife uses his assassin’s blade as a ‘reckoning’ (www.ft.com)
04-17  The ECHR needs saving from itself (www.ft.com)
04-17  ‘Pablo Escobar’ cannot be registered as a trademark, EU court rules (www.ft.com)
04-17  Vix ‘fear gauge’ soars on Middle East tension and interest rate shift (www.ft.com)
04-17  Tesla asks shareholders to approve move to Texas and ratify Musk’s pay (www.ft.com)
04-17  Tesla’s Q1 is going to be a wreck. Will anyone care? (www.ft.com)
04-17  Does size matter any more? (www.ft.com)
04-17  Abu Dhabi’s Taqa in talks to buy stake in Spanish utility Naturgy (www.ft.com)
04-17  Will Gallic grouchiness snuff out the Olympics flame? (www.ft.com)
04-17  The climate credit trap (www.ft.com)
04-17  UK rental costs rise at record 9.2% (www.ft.com)
04-17  How ‘open’ is generative AI really? Not very (www.ft.com)
04-17  Booming AI demand threatens global electricity supply (www.ft.com)
04-17  China warns west of ‘survival of the fittest’ as manufacturing boosts economy (www.ft.com)
04-17  Biden calls for tripling of tariffs on Chinese steel (www.ft.com)
04-17  Liontrust hit with £4bn in outflows from UK funds (www.ft.com)
04-17  Big mood shift behind Sunak’s smoking ban is overlooked (www.ft.com)
04-17  FSB calls on hedge funds and commodities traders to hold more liquid assets (www.ft.com)
04-17  Australia increases defence spending by $32bn in response to China build-up (www.ft.com)
04-17  ASML forecasts semiconductor rebound after first quarter disappoints (www.ft.com)
04-17  Haiti names transitional council to handle crisis (www.ft.com)
04-17  UK inflation falls less than expected to 3.2% in March (www.ft.com)
04-17  Inflation narrative whiplash (www.ft.com)
04-17  Mining billionaire Rinehart builds rare-earth stakes in push for non-Chinese supply (www.ft.com)
04-17  Labour to seek regular UK access to EU foreign affairs council (www.ft.com)
04-17  Why the EU is treading carefully with Iran sanctions (www.ft.com)
04-17  Solomon Islands election puts China’s Pacific influence in spotlight (www.ft.com)
04-17  ISS clashes with German blue-chips over boardroom independence (www.ft.com)
04-17  CNN’s Mark Thompson: ‘There’s plenty of things we have to fix’ (www.ft.com)
04-17  Can AI really change our material world? (www.ft.com)
04-17  Green-eyed CEOs should beware the lure of higher pay (www.ft.com)
04-17  A glow-up for China’s state-owned enterprises (www.ft.com)
04-17  Von der Leyen’s second term depends on new ‘frenemies’ (www.ft.com)
04-17  For runners, marathons have become the new ‘fashion weeks’ (www.ft.com)
04-17  Wealthy investors weather the inflation storms (www.ft.com)
04-17  The unwritten rules of the great London pub quiz (www.ft.com)
04-17  Peter Mandelson’s advisory firm valued at £30mn in deal with ex-Obama aide (www.ft.com)
04-17  Fears Croatia’s pro-Ukraine stance could be at stake in election (www.ft.com)
04-17  European banks will struggle to get much ‘strategic’ love (www.ft.com)
04-17  Trump falls $75mn behind Biden in money race as donor base shrinks (www.ft.com)
04-17  What should I consider when donating to charity? (www.ft.com)
04-17  Ukraine’s air defence struggle shows risks to Israel (www.ft.com)
04-17  Inside the formidable grassroots operation of India’s BJP (www.ft.com)
04-17  Sex workers denounce UK banks for waging ‘war’ on their jobs (www.ft.com)
04-17  Barbican residents hit at City plan to demolish old Museum of London (www.ft.com)
04-17  Beijing reforms unloved state-owned enterprises to win back investors (www.ft.com)
04-17  MPs hit out at BBC for cutting local radio to fund regional online services (www.ft.com)
04-17  Strains in supply chain pose threat to UK renewables targets, report warns (www.ft.com)
04-17  Venezuela to cut ties with Ecuador over embassy raid (www.ft.com)
04-17  New Yorkers’ unvarnished views of Trump aired in ‘hush money’ trial (www.ft.com)
04-17  High interest rate anxiety (www.ft.com)
04-17  FirstFT: China’s economy grew by forecast-beating 5.3% in first quarter (www.ft.com)
04-17  Hunt raises possibility of more tax cuts before general election (www.ft.com)
04-17  Alstom close to securing a new train order for UK plant (www.ft.com)
04-17  Powell says US inflation ‘taking longer than expected’ to hit target (www.ft.com)
23-10-12  Janet Yellen warns Iran that nothing is ‘off the table’ for sanctions (www.ft.com)
04-17  Crises are eating into development funding (www.ft.com)
04-17  Ukraine creditors form committee as Kyiv seeks debt restructuring (www.ft.com)
04-17  Hardline Republicans balk at US Speaker’s Ukraine aid plan (www.ft.com)
04-17  European far right condemns move to ban Brussels conference (www.ft.com)
04-17  Austria investigates René Benko for fraud (www.ft.com)
04-17  TGI Fridays’ US operations to have London listing (www.ft.com)
04-17  Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2bn and sets sights on AI start-ups (www.ft.com)
04-17  Stellantis chief’s pay package approved by investors despite dissent (www.ft.com)
04-17  LVMH sales growth slows as luxury demand softens (www.ft.com)
04-17  Private equity is a test that university endowments risk flunking (www.ft.com)
04-16  The shadow of war darkens on the global economy (www.ft.com)
04-16  Netanyahu too ‘busy’ to talk to Sunak after RAF helped repel Iranian attack (www.ft.com)
04-16  Bitcoin’s halving makes its future pay-to-play (www.ft.com)
04-16  US and China defence ministers in first significant contact since 2022 (www.ft.com)
04-16  Threat of Middle East conflict triggers flight to safer assets, IMF warns (www.ft.com)
04-16  Military briefing: Israel’s options to strike Iran (www.ft.com)
04-16  Inside Politics: who will win the UK general election? (www.ft.com)
04-16  Soaring debt levels put policymakers in a tight spot (www.ft.com)
04-16  US Republicans aren’t good at nationalism (www.ft.com)
04-16  Bank of America profits fall on loan losses (www.ft.com)
04-16  Brazil seeks to weaken fiscal rules it wrote only a year ago (www.ft.com)
04-16  Ex-Shell CEO van Beurden joins KKR to advise on climate investments (www.ft.com)
04-16  Curtain rises on Trump’s historic criminal trial with dozens of jurors rejected (www.ft.com)
04-16  Israel has no good choices on Iran (www.ft.com)
04-16  EU weighs expanded Iran sanctions after Israel attack (www.ft.com)